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Laser Protection Advisor

All clinics and salons operating a LASER or IPL device are required to employ the services of a Certificated Laser Protection Advisor.  This is a requirement of Local Authorities for the non-healthcare sector, and the CQC for businesses employing medical professional in the healthcare sector.  A Certificated LPA is able to provide expert advice on all relevant matters of laser safety and  appropriate professional assistance in determining hazards, assessing risks, and proposing any necessary protective controls and procedures.


A Certificated LPA is also suitably qualified to deliver the 'Core of Knowledge' Laser Safety course, which is essential training and a national minimum requirement for all those involved in the operation of Laser or IPL devices.

Do I need a Laser Protection Advisor for my business?

LPA Support & Training

We provide full LPA support to businesses across the UK, specialising in medical and aesthetic laser and intense light applications.

Working closely with our clients, we are able to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements and are able to operate their Laser or IPL device safely and in line with current legislation.


Our LPA can also deliver the Core of Knowledge Laser Safety course, which has been developed in compliance with the UK Department of Health MHRA guidelines.


On-site visit and inspection

Certificate of LPA support

Core of Knowledge Laser Safety course (optional)

Risk Assessment Report

Local Rules Document

Professional advice for buying equipment

Direct LPA support


Rob Knowles is a member of the ALSP (Association of Laser Safety Professionals) and Certificated Laser Protection Advisor in Medical and Aesthetic Laser and Intense Light applications. Rob is also a member of the BMLA (British Medical Laser Association), and holds a BSc (hons) in Biomedical Engineering.


Rob currently provides LPA support to a growing number of establishments across the UK offering laser or IPL treatments. His clients include private salons and clinics, as well as colleges offering laser training courses.


If you would like to learn more about our LPA support and training services, please contact us on the email below.  Please include a name and contact number if you would like to arrange a callback directly from our experienced LPA.

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